Jason Turner - Made For

The photograph is an exaggeration of this mentality.

If you're like me you love trainers and love to do the 'occasional' bit of sport, I enjoy taking pride in my appearance and have a collection of Nikes to back this up.

Most of my trainers are sports shoes and although I believe they look great I'm missing out on one big opportunity, the opportunity to use my shoes for what they were made for. Other people I talked to seemed to have a similar lifestyle. It was agreed that most of them spent more time in their trainers smoking or drinking (for most smoking was the most concerning) than doing sport. I can safely say that I also spend more time smoking in my shoes each day than doing proper exercise.

The photograph is an exaggeration of this mentality, done in the hope to inspire more sport. So next time you look down at your sad pristine Nikes when having a smoke or a drink, just remember what they were made for.

Jason Turner